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When You Yell Loud Enough…

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…you get heard. I just got off the phone with Alex Capehart who is the V.P. of Business Development from Media Temple. Wow. Write some blog posts. Rally the troops… you get a response. What Alex said made sense to some degree. 

Apparently Bluearc is who we should mostly be upset with for the now 30+ hours of downtime. As Alex put it “[Media Temple] is up to their elbows trying to get this thing sorted out.” We could look at this as a cheap ploy by (mt) to win me over so I can help sway the perception of the blogosphere in their favor. However, the key fact that makes me buy this story is that earlier today (before I setup this blog) I was followed on Twitter by @bluearc and then Direct Messaged by them. I responded. Then I was followed by @louisgray who I quickly learned he was a VP at Bluearc. Here is his DM Tweets.  


So why wasn’t Media Temple more transparent with it’s customers from the get go? Firstly, they probably underestimated the scale of the hardware failure. Secondly, politics pure and simple. I told Alex that most of (mt)’s customer base are above average computer users and the status updates they give just aren’t cutting it. “Working with vendor” is ambiguous and leaves customers feeling like they are being lied to. The way Alex responded to this leads me to believe there are many politics at play- politics with Bluearc, politics with other hardware manufactures, and politics within Media Temple itself. Hopefully the CEO and others at (mt) will hear this loud and clear as “Keep us in the loop better and more in depth!” 

Does all of this make our frustrations go away? No. Does it make up for the hours of service we’ve lost? Certainly not! Where do I stand on this? I am not ready to jump ship from Media Temple just yet. I need to see what tomorrow brings- once they’re past the problem. Alex explained to me that Cluster 3 & 4 actually have a different architecture than Cluster 2 and that the hardware is from a different vendor- a more reliable vendor he assured me. I want to build a good relationship with (mt) that can support me as my hosting needs grow, but I also need assurance that my accounts will be stable- and I need some sort of compensation for this considerable loss of service. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. We will see…


Written by bnvk

March 2, 2009 at 7:30 am